About The Author

symptoms-of-dyslexia-mohammed-bhojaniMohammed Bhojani BSc (Hons) MC Optom FRSA Is an optometrist and visual processing specialist at Visual Answers Opticians (www.VisualAnswers.co.uk) based at 22 High Street, Quorn, Loughborough LE12 8DT. T: 01509 833 168

He specialises in aspects of Behavioural optometry and visual processing in children, students and adults. He is a Cerium Precision Tinted Lens specialist, a member of The Society of Coloured Lens Prescribers. He has given talks and lectures regarding Visual Processing and Visual Stress the University of Loughborough, Nottingham Trent University and numerous schools and colleges. He works with a number of SENCo’s and Educational Psychologists and Teachers.

For more information on Visual Stress, Visual Dyslexia and for assessments and treatments available go to www.dyslexia-eye.co.uk or call the practice to arrange a consultation.