What Some Of Our Patients Say:

From some of the letters we have received:

‘The glasses have not only helped my daughters reading they have transformed her confidence too. Thank you so much.’
Mum of A J (Nottingham)

‘We came to your practice after being recommended by another friend from Spain. There is little known about Visual Stress/Irlene’s or Dyslexia over here but since our visits to see you in Quorn my daughter has gone from strength to strength and has successfully applied for Business Economics and Finance at Loughborough University. See you soon.’
Mum of E S (Madrid)

‘The coloured glasses and overlays have resulted in James’ reading being far smoother, his teachers have also commented on this.’
Mr and Mrs Brown, parents of J B (Hinckley)

‘For years I have dreaded parent teacher’s meetings as they always complained that Harry was disruptive and lacked concentration. It’s only after being recommended to come and see you do we now know he suffers from Visual Stress. His glasses do make a big difference. I only wish we’d been to see you 10 years ago.’
Mother of H P (Loughborough)

‘The eye exercises and glasses have made a significant improvement in Jayne’s reading and overall progress.’
Mum of J P (Loughborough)

‘I wish more teachers were aware of the signs and symptoms of visual stress. Your website and patient leaflets have been very educational to Sam’s teachers at school and they have now adapted the colour of the paper they write on for him.’
Mum of S P (Lutterworth)

‘The words have stopped moving around!’
O S (London)

‘Ellen’s headaches have all but stopped and she reads with much more fluency and confidence. Thanks again.’
Mother of E S (Northampton)

‘Thanks for all the help advice and friendly service, so glad we found out about your services.’
Father of K B (Birmingham)

‘Having a child with ADD and Aspergers your patience and level of care was much appreciated. Thank you.’
Mother of J J (Liverpool)